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What type of personal change in daily habits Stick with You?

Apr 9, 2024inspiration0 comments

What type of personal change in daily habits Stick with You?
Why is it that over ninety percent of us cannot create change? 

You have heard this statement before, and maybe you have said it yourself: “I can change it anytime I want to.” If you could change, wouldn’t you? What’s being said is, “I want to change, but it seems impossible.” 

The answer and key issue here is creating permanent change in a daily habit.

Why do so many people fail at creating permanent change? It’s because they never change the way they think, feel, and act.

Why is that?

Because over ninety percent of us do not know how.
A better way of putting it is that they are not aware of how to create permanent change. 

Yes, we all want changes, and when we do not make them, we justify them, saying things like, “I guess I’m not motivated.” Guess what? You can’t be motivated when you feel like you are running into a

Why does that wall keep getting in your way?

We’ve seen the videos, listened to the audio, and attended the seminars in pursuit of our goals. Every time we hear them, we feel good, and we add to our plans for success. Then, at some point, we realize the plan is not working. Then we think, Let’s try something else. Then life happens, and we’re back where we

Learning how to permanently change is not taught in school or life. You actually did it automatically as a child. There is no set guideline for it. Permanent Change happens when you are truly aware of your own thought process, and this process has to be relearned.

Here is another thought process that goes hand in hand with permanent change. It’s called Wanting Something to have, to do, or to become. Most people think they must have a reason for their wants, thinking that if they can’t justify it, then they should not pursue it.

Now, let me give you a totally new thought process, which is the truthful way to think, by giving you this simple breakdown of Wants, Needs, and Desires. 

NEEDS are what we must have to stay alive. We need air, food, and shelter.

WANTS are just like the word. You simply want it, such as learning to play a musical instrument, speaking another language, traveling, etc.

DESIRES are your Wants (above) that seek physical expression, which only happens through the physical actions that create them.

Facts, read the 3 below:
1.    You do not have to have a reason to want it.
2.    You do not even need to know a reason.
3.    You do not need to explain it to anyone, not even to yourself.

Now place this thought with your wants, needs, and desires that you need to hold onto:
It is your wants, not your needs, that drive you toward your greatness. If you want real change in your life, reconsider the things you want and apply the new perspectives given to you above.

Go after what you want!
Do not let a lack of knowledge or understanding of the desire to change be canceled by your present thought process.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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