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When it comes to something new that you want, what will you choose?

Feb 22, 2024inspiration0 comments

When it comes to something new that you want, which one will you choose?

Paradigm Shifting to new habits, which allows you to create them.


Paradigm Paralysis is lethal to shifting and any change you want.

Let’s explain what your Paradigm is.

Very simply stated it is your established habits of thinking, feeling, and then your body actions based on your beliefs.

In other words, you basically perform the same habit patterns daily. Are daily habits a good thing? Yes and no especially if it prevents something you want to do.

Paralysis is the death of something new.

How does it do this to you?

By automatically making you start having feelings of discomfort and even fear, when it has nothing to do with personal safety.

For most people Paralysis starts when you want something new in life. Paralysis for most people is an unconscious habit. It allows you to keep your same old habits which makes you feel comfortable.

Most people do not realize it allows them to shrug off trying any change by simply letting you feel well this isn’t me or that’s impossible.

One thing is for sure you will never know how a new habit will make you feel until you make the change.

Paralysis can’t be defined because it’s a FEELING.
Those feelings of discomfort and fear take over you. Recognize it or you’ll never change. It won’t let you.

Shifting or Paralysis, which one will you choose?

The Quote from this article is below:

Your imagined thoughts bring forth…
excitement of what you can do. Then…
your beliefs tell you what you can’t do…
screw your beliefs, go with excitement…     

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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