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Who is exciting and adventurist…

Jul 15, 2023inspiration0 comments

Who do you think of that is exciting and adventurous?
I think of you.

The power in you is what is so exciting and adventurous. It’s your intellect.

Your intellect accesses the path that will lead you to where to go for any changes in day-to-day life.

Most people never realize the fact that any change wanted only happens when they use their intellect.

A focused intellect is where successes lie. Part of that success is the focus. A part of life that most people do not use or understand.

That focus is called the Present Moment. It is when the mind is focused on one thing and free and clear of any negative thoughts.

How many parts does your intellect have?
6 parts. Let’s restate them

  • Reasoning- thinking
  • Intuition – sensing
  • Perception- Feelings
  • Memory- past
  • Will power- focus
  • Imagination- pictures.

Each one when used with focus will create immense excitement. If you would like to try your Intellect right now go to

Not only watch but practice along with videos # 14 and # 18.
They are designed to put you in the present moment, a source for change.

You would be way ahead of the pack today just by practicing the videos!!
Well, Over 90% rarely use their intellect the way it was meant to be used.

Compare using your mental muscles, and your intellect to how most people live Most people live using the 5 senses. You know them -Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing, and Seeing.

Most people live life using mostly these 5 senses then letting their unconscious attitude take over from there. When this happening means the present habits of thinking, feeling, and acting take over (again unconsciously), and the same repeated results are given over and over day after day.

Nothing Changes!!

Their 5 senses and present attitude will not create change. Yes, we need the senses and our attitude of thoughts. But by themselves, they can highly limit a person.

When using their “mental muscles” the 5 senses bring in the information and then the focused intellect improves the quality of that information.

What’s the difference between the mental muscles when using just attitude and the 5 senses?

Most people bring the information in with the 5 senses and then use just past beliefs, and their attitudes to process it, which continually supplies the same results all their life.

Compared To

The very few people who bring in information with the 5 senses, then use the Present Moment and the Intellect when the mind is focused on one thing and free and clear of any negative thoughts that no attitude is used and this is when they change their results.

I ask again, who do you think of that is exciting and adventurous?
It is you.

Create excitement and adventure by exercising your mental muscles, your intellect.

The quote below is written for the article above:

You are excited and adventurous…
when you create an imagined picture…
of what you want to have or to do…
as soon as you start acting on it…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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