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Why you should stay in the Present Moment

May 8, 2023inspiration0 comments

Why should you stay right here in the present moment?

A good description of the present moment is when you are focused, and conscious of everything
around you with no other thoughts of the past or future going on in your thoughts.

When you are not in the present moment your thoughts have no focus. Best described as
your unfocused thoughts or what can be called your unconscious thoughts that take
over when you are not present. Unconscious thoughts are simply repeating your habits of
thoughts over and over throughout the day without even realizing that you are doing it.

Is this good or bad? Probably neither to you since unconscious thoughts are a repetition of
your own beliefs over and over all day long. For most people, it just seems normal and is OK.
But it is a fact that for most of us, it accomplishes nothing because we are not creating improvement
in our lives.

Be honest and ask yourself did I learn something new about myself today??
What self Improvement did you actually teach yourself today?

Simply stated, are you remaining the same? For most of us, your unconscious thoughts during
a given day create those feelings of – anguish, guilt, anger, sorry, love, hate, discomfort, fear,
and guess what else… many times you start reflecting on the past of the things you wish you
had done or your thinking I could do that, but don’t.

What do you receive when your thoughts continue with no focus or unconscious thoughts?
Absolutely nothing.

What does the present moment offer you?
Focus thoughts, new avenues to follow, and total peace.

The present moment is when your most creative thoughts come to you.
Why is this?

Because the present moment is the only time you allow new creative thought into your thinking.

The present moment is when you read an article, overhear a conversation, get into a real
conversation or when something comes to you that is a solution you need.

Most people call this coincidence.
It was not a coincidence and it happened for a reason and the reason is you’re in the present moment.

The present moment is when you are shown how to accomplish something you want.

The present moment is when you receive that idea to act on.
Guess what else, the present moment is when you start doing the things you wish you had done
or start doing those things that you’re thinking I could do, but don’t.

Your next discovery will be about that person you have forgotten that is still within you.

This quote below goes with this article:

Focus on that picture of your…
wants and desires …creativity, solutions…
and an action plan will come…
This is your Imagination at its best…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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