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World you Want with your Child of Greatness

Jun 16, 2023inspiration0 comments

Here is a new Discovery of yourself with a different perspective…

Where can you find that “world you desire” and a “road map” leading you to it?

It is located in your “present moment” working with your “child of greatness”!

Let’s explain those four points.

The world you desire, maybe you already know what it is, that is the something that you want to have, to do, or to become. If not spend a little time thinking of 1 or 2 thoughts that have come to you now and then.
Possibly over many years. Very likely they have repeated themselves to you over the years but you have never acted on them, because simply they may make you uncomfortable or you think you are not capable.

The Road Map is the different objects that you mentally create which you feel will lead you to that world based on your actions.

The Present Moment is your focused thoughts on just one thing without any negative thoughts happening. It is not the moment when you are reflecting on your past, future, or anything negative.

Your Child of Greatness is that part of you that thinks with no limits on the things you can accomplish.

Children at play are the greatest example of all four of these happening at the same time. They immediately imagine their worlds and then act/play them. It’s called instant success.

The child’s thoughts at play are only the images (world) they have imagined in their mind which has no limitations and they are thinking only in the present moment which also has no limitations.

Your present moment and child of greatness is where you find that roadmap to unlimited ideas. Realize if you stay focused on that one world you will start having ideas that add to the world. These ideas are what start giving you thoughts that would make it happen.

Again, there cannot be any negative thoughts. If you drift into other thoughts or negativity, dismiss them and refocus on that world only.

Finding adults creating images and immediately acting them out, is a rare find.

This is because their attitude, which is their beliefs stops them.

Most people lost that child of greatness and the present moment when they
started thinking for themselves which in fact created their attitude.

I coin these names together because both still exist in you.

Children of greatness and the present moment were actually born with you but your attitude was developed by you after you were born.

Most have forgotten their child of greatness and the present moment. They are where the ones that give you the most imagined and creative thoughts, that is that road map of ideas.

The present moment and your child of greatness will create your world and lead you to it, but you must relearn them both.

Continue to learn about these two people living within you.

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The below quote goes with the above article:

Your desires have a want…TO BE
CREATED. Think present moment…
add your child of greatness. The two…
are your roadmaps to creation…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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