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You have a Greatness no one else possessess…

Mar 11, 2024inspiration0 comments

It is a fact…no one possesses that greatness you have.

This is not being said loosely, because it is a fact that you possess a quality that no one else has which would benefit a lot of people.

Another way to increase awareness of your greatness is by introducing you to other reading material about the same subject.

After having written many articles about the True Awareness of your attitude I think it’s a good time to introduce you to other authors’ material to expand your understanding if you would like other reading.

Again these authors’ materials are specific to the subject of attitude.

Here are some great book suggestions:

As a Man Thinketh – Author, James Allen

This book gives you a whole other framework of what your mind is for and how to use it. A much older book but it is all about the basics, which are overlooked by most reading materials.

Working with the Law – Author: Raymond Holliwell

About understanding and using the Law of Nature. Attraction is one of them. Again, a much older book but it is all about the basics, which are overlooked.

The War of Art – Author: Steven Pressfield

Talking about and presenting to you in many ways the enemy within you works. An eye-opener with a different perspective.

The Science of Getting Rich- Wallace D Wattles

Telling and then summarizing the steps to riches for whatever you want. Again, it is a much older book on the basics.

These are all easy-read books

For your information, the book “The Science of Getting Rich” is the book from which this author created Meet Your Greatness future study guides #8 through #11 used to guide you to the accomplishment of your steps. The books outline them but not the under-the-cover details of how to create and use them, which is something you will have to know to start and complete the steps.

A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – Author: Eckhart Tolle

This book Author spends a great amount of time making sure the reader is aware of the two parts of you. The body you are in and the Spirit that lives within your body as being to separate entities. He is perfectly correct. This is a highly detailed book and many sections will need to be read more than once for understanding.

Hope you enjoy them

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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