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Your Best Ideas…

Jul 3, 2023inspiration0 comments

When do your Best Ideas come to you?

When you combine your own ‘child’ imagination and creative thinking.
They both play best when together. This is also the time your attitude is
not engaged.

When is your attitude not engaged?

When you are in the Present Moment, your best idea comes then. 

What is an example of the Present Moment?

Anytime you see, hear, feel or think something that highly engages your imagination that sticks with you whether it was just for a moment or several minutes.

Also, know that some of your imagined thoughts periodically repeat themselves to you even over the years. Those repeated are prompting you to go out and physically make it happen.

It is important to realize when people are not in the present moment they let their imagined thoughts be judged by their own attitude.

Here’s how the judgment happens.

They feel something mentally pulling at them. That something is their subconscious mind, which controls their attitude and actions toward new and different ideas.

If they feel comfortable they are more open to an idea. If they feel uncomfortable, they will most likely decide against an idea.

These comfortable and uncomfortable body feelings are what can and will kill a person’s next Best Idea.

They let only their attitude make the decision for them. Guess what else happened just happened? Their not even aware that their attitude made their decision toward that new idea. They actually think that they made the decision when it was their feelings that made it.

You have heard of that gut feeling when something happening at a moment and you sense that something is not right. When an idea is decided for or against based on your attitude is not a “gut” feeling.

Question is did you know this?

At the beginning of this article imagination and creative thinking where stated.

When was your imagination most active?

For most of us, it was as a child.
Realize that you still have a wild imagination!

When you played as a child, what thoughts were you playing?
It was those wild imagined thoughts.
You as a child imagine them and then acted them out on the spot.

If you do not believe me just watch any child at play.

The question to you is where do you start accomplishing things, you have never done before? It always starts in your imaginary mind first

Try this.
Think of the most exciting, fun, and adventurous things that
you could do without putting any limits on them. It can be anything!

Time yourself to think unlimited and form the image!! Stop here and do it.
How long did it take you?

Did you even try it?

There was a time in your life you didn’t even think about it you just did it.

You take more time now because you have reached the age of reason, that is when you started thinking for yourself. Call it your present attitude.

The reality is that attitude has a very strong lock on most people. No matter your age ask yourself am I one of the over 90% who will not try to imagine new things?

Realize to make even a small change in your daily habits and habits of thought will require you to imagine it first.

So the repeated question is where do you start accomplishing things you never have done before? It starts in your imaginary mind.

Let your imagination take you on that trip where you want to go.
It is up to you to start taking back control.

Below are the quotes for this article:

Your imagined picture and repetition…
what do they do together?…
Show you paths to create…
The thing you never done before….

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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