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Your day to day thoughts and beliefs…do control your life!

Mar 4, 2024inspiration0 comments

Were you totally responsible for the development of your present attitude?

The attitude is your day-to-day thought process and beliefs. The answer is as you were growing up No you were not totally responsible. Two other things happened.

Those who gave you your genetic makeup and those who supplied you with your environmental surroundings, which was everything that surrounded you during your growing and learning years that was repeated over and over were primarily responsible.

All of this created your daily habit patterns of thoughts and actions.

If you want some small or large change in your life who becomes 100% responsible for making that happen?

At this point You do.

Wanting change means creating new day-to-day habits for yourself. This only happens with the desire to change but also to understand that over 90% of people do not know how because they do not have a true
understanding of how their attitude works.

Yes, change is a learned process for most of us.

What do you do when you think that your conditions and circumstances prevent you from changing?

It would be really easy for me to tell you to quit making excuses and work past them. But this would not help or be fair to you. Every success to change you have seen others do had to deal with excuses
and circumstances.

So let’s approach this for you with this unexpected question.

Ask yourself what happened to get my present attitude?

As stated above it was mainly created by others through genetics and environmental surroundings. Can this be changed by you? The answer is yes by understanding what created your attitude.

Briefly stated, What happened was a picture was created by you at the beginning of your life into your growing up years by those who gave you your genetic makeup and your environmental surroundings. It’s literally what you grew up in.

The next question should be how do I change just some of my present attitude to get to those things I want, but not pursue them?

You now must create a picture of yourself doing the things that you want.

Understanding attitude does control your daily body actions and it does it with ease while at the same time making you feel very comfortable with your decision not to pursue them. Even the ones that have repeated
themselves to you.

No, you were not totally responsible for the development of your present attitude? And yes it is now up to you to change this if you possess the desire to do so.

The trail to failure is littered with excuses and circumstances because change for most people is hard to create. But do not let attitude be the master over you, because there is a quality in you that can help many others if you allow it.

The Quote for this article:

The game changer is your next thought…
for pointing you in a new direction…
then the next, next, next thoughts…
only pointing at that new direction…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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