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Your feeling of a burning desire…

Dec 4, 2023inspiration0 comments

Can you explain to yourself the feelings of your burning desires?

Did you notice I said FEELINGS?

Burning desires are your feelings wanting to express themselves physically through your actions.

Burning would be the thoughts creating excitement and fear that possibly you feel are unreachable. We all have those thoughts. They do create excitement and fear and most of us simply dismiss the thought saying or thinking another thought that allows us to drop that feeling.

But many times some of those thoughts and feelings repeat themselves to you. These are the ones that you should pursue.

Why should you pursue them?

Because pursuing unreachable desires moves you up the steps of the ladder of awareness. What you didn’t realize after you started the pursuit is that you were capable of doing what you thought wasn’t possible.

The pursuit gives you a whole new perspective of yourself.

The new perspective of yourself allows a shift in your attitude of beliefs.

Let’s start a lesson here…A question to ask- What creates your burning

The answer is – Your subconscious mind.

Again, let’s repeat how it started.
Something outside of your day-to-day environment possibly happening just once. It excited you. Your subconscious mind grabbed it and then accepted it. Because without realizing it’s something you would like to do.

But your present attitude tells you that it’s unattainable creating discomfort and fear. But some of these events keep repeating even years later.

Another question you may have is…Why do those things keep repeating themselves to me?

Answer- Your inner greatness is reaching out to you through the subconscious
saying, do this!

Do you now have an idea of what and why your burning desires are?

Act on those burning desires and expose your greatness. Keep going, keep growing.

Below is the quote for this article:

What’s that burning want inside you…
You know the one accompanied by fear…
It’s your greatness saying Do What…
you want to have, to do or become…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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