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Your feelings of Discomfort even Fear

Oct 30, 2023inspiration0 comments

Why do you feel discomfort and fear when it has nothing to do with your personal safety?

Because you learned it in your growing up years from your environmental surroundings.
Your environmental surroundings indoctrinated you as a child into early adulthood.

The environmental surrounding is everything that you see, touch, hear, and feel that was repeated over and over as you grew.

This indoctrination has become part of your thought process, and your attitude.

How this happened is this simple:

Your subconscious accepts a thought from your conscious mind and you believe it to be true.  When your subconscious accepts a thought, you believe, it then develops a feeling for that belief. Then your subconscious mind communicates this to your body anytime that type of thought comes up.

Some examples of this:

Most people heard all their lives that it is better to be safe than sorry- and truly believe this.
So, they always play it safe in both their thoughts and actions.
Most people heard all their lives that you must have a college degree to succeed- and truly
believe it. Spending tons of money on education because of this belief.

These beliefs from childhood, then are further indoctrinated in school and by others.
You see and hear it from those that surround you and it is even advertised

Everything you see, hear, and touch in your environmental surroundings has created these beliefs.

Ask yourself what other beliefs you have that very possibly are not true.

Take no offense to these thoughts. The objective is to help you awaken.
Continue to go deeper and deeper and grow your awareness.

Why do you feel discomfort and fear when it has nothing to do with your personal safety?
Are you starting to understand how much your growing-up years develop beliefs that were created by others? These beliefs are what form your attitude and yes it does have unconscious control over you.

The quote below goes with this article:

What should change your attitude?…
When realizing fear and discomfort…
control your decisions for things…
you want to have, to do or become…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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