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Your Mind discussed in a different way….

Aug 6, 2023inspiration0 comments

Awareness of your mind, what is it?

Wikipedia definition
Being totally unconscious of something to become totally conscious of it

You just witness what everybody tries to do. That is give awareness of your mind and specifically about attitude a definition

Awareness of your mind is a self-discovery and not a definition. The discovery comes with learning about the different pieces that make up your attitude. Each piece is the step up. When you see and understand
each of the pieces this will become your game changer.

Your self-discovery is never-ending. It is each time that you discover something new about your mind.
Let me explain by letting you create it.

Use the picture screen of your mind and imagine a ladder with endless sets up.
With each step up creates a new awareness that you truly did not see. It is then that you realize that the new step was always there for you and now you want to see the next step up.

What are these steps up? Your greatness.
These steps up are your self-discovery, which will be an amazing experience.

So, would you like to see yourself in a way you have never seen before?
Coming to an awareness of your attitude is the way.
Inspirational talks or a 10-step action plan do not give you awareness. They give you a momentary feeling of well-being.

To clearly see your mind, means learning things you and I never learned in school are life. It must be taught.

So, I ask again, awareness, what is it? It is your step to greatness.

As my brother instructed me and as I instruct you to realize that your awareness will be thinking things you have never thought about before.

Keep witnessing just how different these articles to discover yourself really are.

The quote below goes with this article:

Discovering your greatness is like…
one step up a ladder. You realize…
that step was always there, now…
you want to see that next step up…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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