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Mike Fearn Creator / Author

Your Mind will stop the bombardment of the daily non-sense

Dec 11, 2022inspiration0 comments

Meet Your Greatness simply wants to make you think and here is your next discovery.

Think about this. You are bombarded daily with seeing and hearing information.

Between the negativity and entertainment, exactly how much does it improve you? In most cases, the answer is 0.

Improving yourself requires time and effort. Be honest and ask yourself what did I learn about myself today?

Which do you think is most important to you? Learning to improve yourself or the daily bombardment of information you receive?

Realize it is you and your mind making the decision about what you receive each day and what filters through that screen on your mind.

You cannot change your past actions, but you can certainly change any and all of your future actions for yourself simply by making a decision.

The change for your improvement now happens with your very next thought and decision.


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