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Your own Attitude and a judges court order….

Apr 2, 2024inspiration0 comments

A Summary of Your Attitude. Another self-discovery for you.

Is Your Attitude like going to Court –and it’s Ordering you around?

The question to you is your attitude in control of the decisions you make all during the day.

Let’s give an example by Comparison: If you do not follow a decision that a Judge in a court decision ordered you to make, then you stand a great chance of serious consequences by not following that order and mostly everyone will follow the court order.

This is similar to how your attitude controls you, except it creates a certain feeling within you to make you follow its order.

By following attitude orders it rewards you with the feeling of comfort that you did the right thing. If you don’t follow its order it subjects you to discomfort, like this is not the best thing for me and even to the point of fear to make follow your attitude order. The difference is the judge is not another person. IT IS YOU. Like the Judge’s order mostly everyone follows the feeling that your attitude creates within you.

This Means: Which means is your attitude controlling your thoughts, feelings, and actions you make all during the day? The answer is Yes, for over 90% of people, which if asked this question with an explanation would tell you No. Without realizing the answer is Yes.

How Does Attitude Order You: It Stops you when you think about something you want to try by making you feel uncomfortable. This usually happens when you are introduced to something new that you would like to have, to do, or to become.

It allows you when you are thinking about something you want to try by making you feel comfortable. The difference is likely this type of something was done before by you or it is just a variation of something you are familiar with.

Yes, attitude controls over 90% of people without even knowing it, simply because they are unconscious of this fact.

The most important question here is are you unconscious of this? 

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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